Transfering airwaves into music

Donna Maya explores the potential of the theremin and connects it to vivid multi-layers of sound samples, grooving bass lines and distinct rhythms. Her music navigates between noisy textures, tonal progressions and narrative phrases, continuously interacting together and constantly moved by the beat.

Donna Maya literally holds the music in her hands. The theremin that is played without any physical contact produces sounds that depends on her movements. Sometimes it sounds like a human voice while in the next moment it is growling and creating noisy textures.

Donna Maya also composed for philharmonic orchestra and DJ as well as making music for soundtracks like the movie „kurz und schmerzlos“ by Fatih Akin.



„The music part of the night was kicked-off by Donna Maya, a Berlin-based musician and the first Abelton certified trainer. She got the crowd moving with her live show, performing a variety of tracks that ranged from dub-step, reggae to tech-house that all-in-all produced a very danceable electronic sound.“
DJ Broadcast


Donna Maya was invited to play at

  • Sonar (Barcelona)
  • Transmediale (Berlin)
  • Pinakothek der Moderne (Munich)
  • Berlin Atonal (Berlin)
  • Perspectives Festival (Berlin)


Love Is Winning

Natalie Beridze / TBA

Remix by Donna Maya
Further remixes by Lightning Jules, Nikakoi, Thomas Fehlmann,
EP, Monika Enterprise

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drei D poesie

Performance with Donna Maya music | Anne Duden poetry | Anja Weber dance  | Annelie Andre choreographic assistence

The performance „Blickfang/ Blickfänger“ navigates between the presence of the poem „Sphinx – Hinter Gittern“ (Sphinx – Behind Bars) by Anne Duden, the interventions of Donna Maya with the theremin and electronic sound compositions interwoven with speech samples, and the dancing of Anja Weber.

„Blickfang / Blick-Fänger“ was produced for drei D poesie, a project of Haus für Poesie, Berlin:




Love Is Winning

Natalie Beridze / TBA
Remixes by Donna Maya, Lightning Jules, Nikakoi, Thomas Fehlmann
EP, Monika Enterprise, 2016
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Nomads In Sound Volume 3

East–West Future Dub & Dubstep
V.A. mit Uzul (FRA), Késhava (EE), Mutamassik (ITA/US) PhOniAndFlOrE (FRA), Bass Trolls (SWE), Donna Maya (GER), Apurva (IN), Bass-Ul-Ulema Sound (BA), Hab (SWE) und Ombudsman (SWE)
Album, Meerkat Recordings, 2012


Delias Darling

A radio piece made by female:pressure artists for RadialX 2010
V.A. mit Caro Snatch (Manchester; UK), Elecric Indigo (Wien; A), Manami N (Berlin; D), Xyramat (Hamburg; D), Scifi Sol (Portland; USA), Gavannas (Stockholm; S), Strict Status (Manchester; UK) and Dona Maya (Berlin; D)



Donna Maya (DJ Da Cut) + Video from Ella Esque
female:pressure DVD 1, V.A.
open:sounds, 2008,
Free Video



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